Glamourouss was conceived with no other vision than to deliver great jewelry for great people, and to do it differently. We want our company to evolve within the jewelry industry, not evolve into it. We help people fall in love with our jewelry. We see our work as just that: a series of positively-charged connections, between people and jewelry. We pride ourselves on our quality products, excellent service and quick delivery. We always strive to meet or exceed your expectations.
When purchasing our products we insist that our manufacturers maintain a level of quality that is up to our high standards. Common practice of some of our competitors is to instruct their manufacturers to cut corners and mall stores pay absurd rent prices with huge overhead. All that translates into higher prices for you!  At Glamourouss, integrity is a top priority and one of the reasons that our customers remain loyal to us.
Our bulk buying and our high productivity are reasons our prices are reasonable. We are always searching for manufacturers who can provide high quality products that we in turn can offer to our customers at lower prices than our competitors. Glamourouss consults many manufacturers regarding design, production, and packaging. This insures that our customers receive the high quality they expect from us. As for our productivity, there is an ongoing search to become more efficient so savings can continue to be passed on to you, our valued customers.